Spotlight: Pisco Puro Quebranta

Spotlight: Pisco Puro Quebranta


Pisco Puro Quebranta is made from only the quebranta grape. Quebranta is one of the eight grape varieties that can be used to make Peruvian pisco. This variety is classified as non aromatic and is known as the queen of pisco. Quebranta is the strongest of all pisco grape varietals, the vines are highly productive and disease resistant. Quebranta (which means ‘broken’ in Spanish) refers to the fact that this grape variety is a mutation from the original Negra Criolla (or Mission Black) bought to Peru by the Spanish in the mid-16thcentury.


The berries are perfectly round, small to medium sized with a reddish-blue to violet colour, However, the color in the bunch will vary with some berries being yellow to green in colour. The skin of the quebranta grape is very thin and fragile and also very sweet. 


A faint scent of reeds or hay is combined with the mixed aromas of fruits, including banana, apple, lime, and peaches.


With a high alcohol content and a slightly sweet taste, the quebranta grape is intense and complex in the mouth. The flavour profile typically includes hay, banana, lúcuma, passionfruit, with a lingering taste of chocolate and black raisins.


The juice yields are 70 – 80% with a high concentration of sugar.