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In the 1990s, four brothers visited the Ica Valley seeking land to grow products such as avocados, pecans and grapes. They came across a beautiful estate – Bodega Don Luis – located in the Juan Baustica district of the Ica Valley in the southern central zone of Peru. This bodega, with the oldest Quebranta vines in valley, was noted for the exceptional character of the grapes they produced. Originally sold to other bodegas in the area, demand for the grapes grew to the point where the other bodegas began competing to buy grapes from Bodega Don Luis.

Given the enourmous popularity of the grapes, the four brothers decided to make their own small production of pisco for family and close friends. The demand for their pisco grew so much that by 2002 the brothers founded Cuatro Gallos (Four Roosters) and began producing Pisco to be enjoyed by the world. Since commencing their own production under the brand Cuatro Gallos their pisco has been recognised nationally, obtaining the prestigous Great Gold Medal in Concurso Nacional del Pisco Ica in 2006.


Bodega Villa Natalia is located in La Capilla on the left bank of the Ica river. Its history dates back to early twentieth century, when Señora Nicolasa was helping the family income by growing lima beans and grapes for sale in Lima. At that time she also started the family tradition of producing pisco for festivities and celebrations. Later, her daughter Natalia, whose name the Bodega has inherited, continued the tradition of making pisco for family and friends. After a pause of several years, the third and fourth generation of the Nicolasa family started producing pisco for commercial sale under the brand name De Carral.

Currently Jose Chomon Salgado – a fourth generation family member – is the distiller at Villa Natalia. Jose is widely acclaimed for the quality of the Pisco produced at Villa Natalia and is in demand as one of Peru’s premium pisco judges. In keeping with four generations of family tradition, Villa Natalia use the small batch artisan production method built on traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. They produce a truly outstanding product – one of Peru’s favourites.


Nestled in the Ica Valley in the south of Peru, amidst the foothills of the Andes, lies the oldest distillery in the Americas – Haciencda La Caravedo – established in 1684. Four centuries on Hacienda La Caravedo continues to produce their flagship Pisco Portón which is handcrafted using centuries-old Peruvian traditional methods of production. Owned by the USA Kallop family, with Johnny Schuler, Peru’s most celebrated authority on pisco as the brand’s ambassador and master distiller for Pisco Portón.

To preserve the full character of the grapes, Pisco Portón uses only the mosto verde method of distilling from the partially fermented grape juice known as green must (or mosto verde in Spanish). They let it rest for a full year in glass silos before it is bottled. It is then distilled to strength with absolutely nothing added to the process. The result is a pisco that delivers a flavourful spirit that brings dimension and character back to the drinking experience. Taken neat as a sipping drink, it is complex and layered. When mixed, Pisco Portón creates a whole new category of cocktails, more flavourful than vodka and more subtle than tequila.


Contemporary and rich in sensations, that’s the spirit behind the exquisite piscos from Bodegas Viñas de Oro. Located in the Hacienda Hoja Redonda of Ica Valley, 213 km south from Lima.

From their opening in 1993, their unwavering dedication to quality and taste is reflected in how they carefully cultivate their pisco grapes. Made only from the best grapes grown in the Ica Valley, Viñas de Oro combines traditional artisan small batch methods of production with a high-tech distillery and a modern tasting room.

The Viñas de Oro collection ranges from the subtle notes of nuts and dark fruits found in the varietals like Quebranta and Negra Criolla, to the bolder and more fragrant floral characteristics of Italia.

Bodegas Viñas de Oro has earned a Globalgap Certification, a confirmation that the winery supports social responsibility and produces the highest quality pisco that meets all required the strict guidelines of the Peruvian Pisco Denomination of Origin.