Acholado – one of three styles of Peruvian pisco

Acholado – one of three styles of Peruvian pisco

Made from a blend of two or more the eight pisco grape varietals each Acholado pisco tastes different. This is because of the type of grapes used, the way the grape juices are blended and the terroir that affects the flavour of the grapes.

The master distiller blends their Acholado choosing any of the eight grapes in whatever percentage of each they like. This is where the family recipes come into play. Acholado recipes are passed down through generations and are carefully guarded secrets! While the labelling requires them to list the grape varietals used they almost never reveal the percentages of those varietals in the final products.

Once the grape varieties are selected the master distiller has options about the way their Acholado is blended. For example, before distillation different fermented grapes can be pressed together as a blended ‘mosto’ (grape juice), different ‘mostos’ can be pressed separately then mixed to create a blended fermented grape juice before distillation, or they can be blended after the distillation process is complete prior to the resting and bottling process.

Most Acholados are made using the non aromatic Quebranta grape as the backbone mixed with smaller amounts of aromatic grape varieties (Italia, Moscatel, Torontel or Albilla). This provides bright floral and fruity flavours that make Acholado a popular style of pisco.

At The Pisco People we have four different Acholados available:

  • Pancho Fierro Acholado is perfect for mixing with soda water or in fruity cocktails – it is a real crowd-pleaser.
  •  De Carral Acholado is delicious as a base for Martinis and other alcohol-forward cocktails, and is also a starting point for people who find the taste of other piscos too robust.
  • Viñas de Oro Acholado has bold flavours of apricot and plum blossom and work really well when mixed with soda and fresh cucumber, apple juice or a tropical juice cocktail.
  • Cuatro G’S Mosto Verde Acholado is made in the super premium mosto verde style that has a gorgeous intense fresh fruit flavour and a remarkable texture. Perfect as a base for an El Capitán to create a modern twist on the classic Manhattan.