Cuatro G’s ‘Mosto Verde Italia’ (750ml)


This deep, floral mosto verde style was considered the very best Peru had to offer in the late 1800s – so much so that it became popular in San Francisco during the California Gold Rush with bartender Duncan Nicol at the Bank Exchange Hotel using this style to make the original Pisco Punch – a true cocktail classic. We’re proud to say that The Pisco People is the only importer in Australia of this delicious and historically significant pisco.

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Nose: A lovely nose with delicate and pleasing floral notes of geranium
and rose and a lovely citrus sensation.

Palate: Made in the super premium mosto verde style this single variety
Italia is well structured, sweet palate with a lovely complexity of
flavours and aromas of alcohol and citrus leaves.

Size: 750ml

Alcohol Volume: 40%