Cuatro G’s ‘Mosto Verde Quebranta’ (750ml)


This mosto verde style pisco is made exclusively from the non-aromatic Quebranta grape, creating a pisco of outstanding depth and richness. Living up to the mosto verde (green must) name, this spirit has an unmistakeably ‘green’ character with apple skin, geranium leaf and a soft, fuzzy texture. Try it with grapefruit juice for a unique and refreshing drinking experience.

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Nose: With a moderately intense aroma typical of the Quebranta grape, there is a fine and delicate scent of sea water, raspberry leaf, matcha green tea, vanilla cream, Russian fudge and orange oil.

Palate: In the mouth, the feel is immediately sweet, soft and silky with an exquisite presence of alcohol and flavours of jersey caramel, cocoa, stinging nettle, prickly pear and malt.

Size: 750ml

Alcohol Volume: 40%