Gift Box – De Carral
(3 x 100ml)



Try three piscos from the artisan bodega in the Ica Valley – De Carral. Three 100ml bottles which includes one each of Quebranta, Acholado and Italia.

A great way to understand pisco grape varieties with the non aromatic quebranta and the aromatic italia, and the blending of the two (with torontel) in the acholado.

It is cocktail time with a Cusco Viejo using the De Carral Quebranta. Try the De Carral Acholado in this delicious martini. Make yourself a pisco apple twist with the De Carral Italia


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De Carral represents the pinnacle of artisinal pisco in Peru, producing highly nuanced and complex spirits.

Compare the different styles of pisco produced by De Carral – Quebranta, Acholado and Italia.

Try the Quebranta in a cusco viejo, the acholado in a pisco martini and the pisco italia in a pisco apple twist.